Junko Azukawa's Japanese Seal Carving Workshop
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Hanko Japanese Seal Carving Workshop

by Junko Azukawa

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2 hours
Group Size: 6 - 15
Over 50 people have attended this class


Junko Azukawa's Japanese Seal Carving Workshop

In Japan, it is traditional practice to use an inka -- colloquially called a hanko -- instead of a signature for formalizing important documents.  Cultural pedants will note that a hanko is the actual stamping object, and an inkan is the ink impression that is made, but many use the two words interchangeably.  Finer points aside, it's undisputed that the hanko is a vital part of daily life and a very personal item that literally leaves a mark on the world.

Participants of our Hanko, or Seal Carving, workshop with Junko Azukawa have always loved the creation of their personal stamps, and our next session will be held in Kami Paper's new workshop studio!

Lovers of asian and Japanese culture invariably find this to be an exciting opportunity to learn Hanko from one of our most popular and talented artists, whose work with Sumi-e has delighted many students.

Workshop Description:

A Hanko seal is typically made of stone, wood or ivory and serves as proof or certification when pressed on a vessel, utensil, painting, document or letter. Seals have enjoyed development and usage in both Eastern and Western cultures, but it was introduced into Japan along with a variety of Chinese cultures through Japanese envoys in the Asuka Period.

In this workshop participants will design and carve and take home their own Hanko seals!

One blank carving seal stone is included in the cost of the workshop.

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What you will learn

  • How to design and carve seal stone

What you will get

  • We will provide a blank carving seal stone
  • Welcome tea on arrival
  • 10% off all paper at KAMI retail store
Parking Info

Option 1 : Park outside our studio (building in grey on the left)  towards the construction site on the right

Option 2 : Coles Parking

We are about 2 mins walk from Coles Supermarket (fitzroy)  

Option 3 : Street Parking

Fitzroy parking inspectors are vigilant. A great way to pay is via the PayStay app . It lets you pay for the time you spend in the parking bay without worrying about having coins handy.

What to bring

  • Just your enthusiam and Patience

What to wear

comfortable clothing

Appropriate for

16 year old and above


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5.0 (11 reviews)
Antonyrated it
12 Dec 2021
The hanko carving class was amazing! Junko is a wonderful and thoughtful teacher, she took a lot of time and care making sure everyone was happy with their design and giving us the courage to start carving! I would highly recommend this class to anybody.
Evierated it
18 Jul 2021
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Esther rated it
25 Apr 2021
I really enjoyed the 2 hour workshop! Junko is very patient and guide us through the process of carving a hanko - and it is not as hard as I think. I am extremely satisfied with my own handmade hanko. The 2 hour workshop is fun and I would love to join another one in the future! highly recommended!
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