Comfort food Italian style - Italian Cooking Class - Zuppe e minestre

Comfort food Italian style - Italian Cooking Class - Zuppe e minestre

About This Class

What You Will Learn

  • Discover the differences between zuppes and minestre
  • Prepare authentic Italian zuppes and minestre
  • Prepare delicious, simple one pot meals to satisfy your family

What You Get

  • Partake in a three-course meal with a complimentary glass of wine, plus finger food before the meal
  • A full set of recipes for all dishes enjoyed on the night
  • Enjoy learning through interactive demonstrations


The fundamentals of zuppe and minestre. Italian food from every region is rich with recipes for soups but unlike other cuisines, these dishes compete with pasta and rice for their sheer variety. We will discover the differences between zuppes and minestres and enjoy soups from the hundreds cooked in Italian homes every day.

What are my classes about?

  • Classes are interactive demonstrations, held at my home in Richmond.
  • I cater for a minimum of 4 people to a maximum of 8 people.
  • You will be welcomed into my home to enjoy a three course meal with a complimentary glass of wine, plus finger food before the meal.
  • Informal and highly entertaining, you will see each course prepared, cooked and then served at the dining table.
  • A full set of recipes for all the dishes prepared will be provided on the night and also emailed to you after the class.
  • The guests are expected to arrive at 6.30pm and classes will be over between 10 and 10.30pm.
  • If you would like more information please contact Sandra by emailing

Email us to take advantage of our SPECIAL OFFERS if you attend more than one class and for booking a class for 6 to 8 people, a real bargain!


As much as I loved the food and watching it being prepared in front of me, I think the part that I liked most was the lady herself. Sandra is clearly a lover of creativity and style and she shares a special intimacy with her participants that makes her lessons very real and honest. Attending a La Cucina Di Sandra cooking class is but a small invitation into Sandra’s world. Go visit the Italian lady in her beautiful Richmond home and get a taste of what REAL Italian cooking is all about. Thanks Sandra! Bree ( 

Before attending her class we had never met Sandra, but already we’re talking about how we can swing another trip to Melbourne. Sandra’s passion for Italy and generosity with her knowledge make this an experience worth travelling for. We drove eight hours from Adelaide to get to La Cucina di Sandra and it was indeed ‘vale la pena’ – worth the effort! Here’s all you need to know to book your own evening or buy a class for a friend. So go ahead – take a trip to Italy, if only for an evening. [Mary Louise (]

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What a fantastic night at La Cucina Di Sandra! I attended the Zuppe e Minestre class, and who knew you could do so much with the humble soup. Sitting at the bench in the open kitchen with friends and a glass of wine we were treated to a range of soups and minestre I had not experienced before. The classic tuscan tomato and bread soup was elevated by the addition of Sandra's marinated mozzarella and the potato and mussel soup has come a long way from its fisherman origins. The flavour and presentation of Sandra's food is just superb. For each dish there is just that little extra attention to detail to make it outstanding. Best of all the techniques that Sandra shows you are easy to do yourself with basic equipment and they don't need half your high school chemistry set. The highlight though was the pasta fagoli. Such a simple dish of pasta and beans, but such a depth of flavour and comfort. These classes are a must for anyone interested in food and the regional variation and history of Italian food.