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Soy Candle Making Workshop Gasworks - Albert Park

Next Available: Sun, 05 May 9:00AM
3.0 hours
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Do you love having candles burning  during the festive season. Why buy other people's candles when you can  create  your own! You will have the perfect hand made gift for every  occassion at the tip of your hands.

A candle doesn't have to be boring!

Candles  create such as lovely atmosphere in your home  and we can show you how  to make your own deliciously, fragranced soy candles for a fraction of  the price in this 3 hour hands-on class. We'll take you through the  process step by step so you can confidently create your own master  pieces at home.

Candle  making is a craft as old as civilization itself, yet after so  technological advances, we still love the light, warmth, and beauty of a  lit candle. Whether a seasoned artisan or a budding enthusiast, this  course offers something for everyone interested in learning the craft of  candle making. This course will open up for you the amazing array of  possibilities that exist in your pursuit to create beautiful,  functional, and sweet smelling candles. 

Read Brooke's review.  


For the candle enthusiast! This is a great way to learn about candle making- soy jar candles and blended pillar candles

This class includes 3 Hours of comprehensive tuition, plus 

  • 1 kg of soy wax
  • 5 jars for soy candles
  • wick stickers and safety stickers
  • use of colours, fragrances and molds 
  • All instructions by email and Candle Making Workbook
  • 5 x tealight cups and wicks

This  hands-on class will give you the confidence to make your soy candles,  solve problems as well as allow your creativity to shine with the  opportunity to create your own candle fragrance blend and colours

Please note there is a 48 Hour cancellation period where refunds are not available. We can however transfer you to another date.


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What you will learn
  • Make your own soy candles, tealights and melts
  • Understand the art of candle making and how easy it really is.
  • Use of fragrances including fragrant oils and essential oils.
What you will get
  • Extended instructional Candle Making Workbook (via email).
  • All class notes emailed to you prior to the class
  • 5 Jar Candles to take home,5 tealights and several melts
  • A fun, informative workshop.
Parking Info

Parking is available on Richardson St.

What to bring
  • Small box to carry your candles home in.
  • Pen and paper for notes and apron to protect your clothes
  • Any favourite jars that you may want to use.
  • Any essential oils you may want to use in your candles.
What to wear

Casual clothes (Please keep in mind it might get messy) and flat, closed in shoes for comfort and safety

Appropriate for

This class is great for beginners but also for anyone who has tried candle making and wants to learn a little more detail from an experienced candle maker. Children over the age of 10 are welcome but they must be accompanied by an adult.


Soy Candles

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PLEASE call Frosa for any enquiries re: classes 0409821444   Gasworks is our host, the staff  cannot answer any specific questions re: workshops. Thankyou

We love soy candles and we love to teach the art of candle making, but this is not like other classes. We teach in a way that is simple to follow, without complicating the process with temperature concerns and without fuss.

That's not to say we don't worry about it, but there are simple methods that we can teach you that allows you to have your wax at the right temperature for melting, mixing and pouring. Everyone should have the opportunity to make these lovely candles. Why not join us?

Our classes are hands-on, so you get the experience in handling the wax. Yes, you will make mistakes at the start, but it's all about the learning. You will quickly become proficient using our method and will be making beautiful candles very quickly.

We will supply you with templates for wick sizing, fragrance blending charts, colour blending charts, lists of recommended suppliers and even a copy of our candle making workbook. And if you have queries after the class, we are more than happy to help.

See you soon.

Frosa katsis

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Terms & Conditions

We always have people on our waiting lists, so please advise us in you cannot attend to avoid forfeiting the class.

A 48 Hour cancellation applies. If you cannot make it on your booking date, we are happy to offer you another date.

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08 April 2019 • Soy Candle Making Workshop Gasworks - Albert Park

Great class! Very informative and well worth the money. Would have liked to see more fragrance options as most were empty. Otherwise recommend!


04 April 2019 • Soy Candle Making Workshop Gasworks - Albert Park

Was given the Soy Candle Making Workshop for birthday present from my adult children - I am not a crafty person so was a little hesitant in attending especially starting at 9 am on a Sunday morning. I was pleasantly surprised and in fact felt quite a sense of achievement. The instructor, Frosa, had everything set up for us and was very organised. She was clear and concise with instructions and demonstrated each step involved in the candle making process. We set to work making our 5 candles, tealights and melts. Frosa was readily available to lend a helping hand and answer any queries along the way. My candles were successful but the tealights/melts ruined as I accidentally picked up someone else's fragrance which was about 8 times what I needed. The class was a little too large which meant we were a little cramped on our workbenches. The 3 hours disappeared quickly as we concentrated on each step. The fragrances were a little overpowering by the end of the session. I have proudly shown my candles to the family and given my boys one to enjoy with strict instructions on wick trimming. Excellent workshop!


02 April 2019 • Soy Candle Making Workshop Gasworks - Albert Park

We (my husband and I) had a fantastic time on Sunday 31 Mar 2019 at the Soy Candle Making Workshop at Gasworks. We learnt much about candle making and we were provided with everything required to come away with beautiful fragrant candles as well as information to help us when we try again at home. Frosa was fantastic and patient with everyone in the class. We would definitely recommend this course. Many thanks Frosa for a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning!!

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