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Jelly Art Lesson - Complete Beginners (Group)
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Jelly Art Lesson - Complete Beginners (Group)

Beginners Full Course

Next Available: Sun
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4 hours
Group Size: 5 - 5



When one first lays their eyes on a 3D Jelly cake, they can hardly believe that not only is it made of just jelly but that it's 100% percent edible! The best part is that anyone can eat it because it's also vegan (unless you choose to add dairy ingredients). 

With our tried and tested techniques and guidance, we are sure anyone can do it! We have witnessed over a hundred joyful faces in disbelief from the beauty of their own creations, even on the very first try! This feeling is priceless for us and our students alike. 

Learn the basics of how to make amazing 3D Jelly Art with Dawn Ho, one of the leading artists and teachers in the region! In this workshop, you will learn how to cook and prepare the canvas and piping for the cake, mix and tone colors for piping and create your own 3D Jelly Art to take home on the day to share and show off to your family and friends. :)

This class is offered to students who would like to learn the full fundamentals of jelly art with extended guided practice time with Dawn. 

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What you will learn

  • Step into the amazing world of 3D Jelly Art cake making and unleash the creativity in you though this gorgeous dessert making craft! Divided into three sections, in the first section I will demonstrate how to properly prepare the canvas and piping for jelly art using our T.U.B tried and tested recipes. Then I will demonstrate how to pipe a flower design into a jelly canvas.
  • The second section is where the fun begins - you start piping your own jelly cake!. Choose and mix your colours and following my demonstration and instruction, to start creating your own 3D Jelly Art. No stress, I will be there to help every step of the way. :)
  • And finally a QnA session - while we finish off your pieces with a base and let that set, and you will get to ask questions about other techniques, floral arrangements/types and design, and all things Jelly Art related.

What you will get

  • 01 X 06 inch and 01 x 09 inch jelly cake of your own creation!
  • 02 sets Jelly Art Needles (Peony & Daisy)
  • 01 copy of TUB Jelly Art Recipes & Cooking Methods (Printout)

What to bring

  • All materials provided.

What to wear

Wear darker colours to be safe.

Appropriate for

The workshop is geared towards allowing anyone to unleash the joy of creativity and making something not only visually beautiful and also delicious from scratch! This course will allow you to continue to make stunning 3D Jelly Art pieces long after completing your workshop in the comfort of your own home. It’s a perfect centerpiece for dinner parties, birthdays - all such special occasions and even as gifts!

The Utopian Botanist

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T.U.B (The Utopian Botanist) is an edible floral art service, we create and teach edible floral art in the form of vegan jelly cakes. Our teaching and work philosophy is that everyone has a creative side waiting to be unleashed and to do so with great-tasting desserts just adds to the fun! Our aim is to help you find joy and a sense of achievement through making your own beautiful edible floral art that you can share with friends and family.  

To learn more about what we do at T.U.B, visit us at www.theutopianbotanist.com.

Follow us on social: @theutopianbotanist

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