Everyday Italian with Elizabeth Peddey

When it comes to food, do as the Italians do

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

It goes without saying that some of the best dishes that exist today come from Italy. A single trip to Bel Paese (which means ‘beautiful country’) will show you how passionate Italians are about cooking well, eating well, and drinking well, because food is a very important component in their lifestyle. A meal is never just a meal in Italy - it is something to be appreciated, an occasion to be celebrated with others. Learn to respect food the way the Italians do, and you’re guaranteed to feel an improvement in your life.

Keen to cultivate your understanding of the Italian cuisine? Then come to the Elizabeth Peddey School of Cookery and Gastronomy for five intensive weeks of learning regional Italian cooking, and find out how it’s really done. With a variety of classic Italian dishes (such as pasta, risotto, ragu) as the subject of focus each week, even if you’re a novice cook, the foundational pointers you pick up in class will steer you through many plates beyond just the simple classics.

‘Kitchen Confidence: Everyday Italian’ runs on May 7th to June 4th, from 6.30pm to 8.30pm. Book now or find out more about the class in the link below.

Cook, eat, and live like an Italian!

Kitchen Confidence - EVERY DAY ITALIAN

Italian Cooking Course for the Less confident cook