Gems with a Gypsy Flair

Fashionistas with an active lifestyle are obsessed with this technique

Creativity 4 min read Jun 28, 2018

When you purchase any type of custom fine jewellery, you will be asked a series of questions on how you’d like it to be made - questions like which metal you’d like to use, what gem, what shape do you want it to be, what size, and so on.

Then you would move on to the finer details such as which style of setting you prefer. There are many setting styles available; you might be familiar with the traditional claw, bezel, channel, and pavé.

Gypsy or hammer style setting is becoming increasingly popular in the realm of this fine craft. Also known as burnish setting or flush mount setting, gypsy has the diamond or gemstone sunk into the metal, where it sits just below the surface. This style is incredibly versatile and allows a jeweller to place stones throughout their work.

Gypsy is also one of the most secure styles of setting, making it the perfect choice for anyone who lives an active lifestyle. Worry no more than the exposed stones to frequent knocks! As a plus, gypsy set centre stones look fabulous in modern and contemporary style rings. 

If you’re a jeweller and would like start adding a colourful and brilliant flair to your jewellery, learn the precise art behind gypsy setting stones. Notable jeweller Philip Noakes is teaching a full-day class on this advanced jewellery making skill at their studio. Find out more about the class via the link below.

Add colour and flair to your jewellery with gypsy setting
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Gypsy Setting - one day workshop

Learn to Gypsy set with Philip Noakes