Make a Colourful Rag Rug with Recycled Fabrics

The snuggle is real with these rugs

Creativity 3 min read Sep 25, 2019

Calling all fabric hoarders! If you’ve found yourself in a sitch of having just too many old clothes, too many unused fabrics sitting in your closet, you don’t have to regret your fabric foraging habits just yet. You can upcycle your collection, and turn them into a beautiful braided rug like these.

Rag rugs, as they’re called, don’t require a big ask to make considering you’ll be working with materials you already own. They’re also easy to make— you can probably finish making one in a single day. We love the textured look of rag rugs, and they can really tie a whole room together, or spruce up a dullish area by introducing some colour and texture, or also act a focal decor piece.

An upcoming class by Hands On Brisbane will serve as your starting point for making these gorgeous, sturdy, upcycled rugs. Oh and did we mention that there are no sewing skills required? Perfection! You’ll only need a safety pin and strips of fabric to weave together a rug that’ll keep your feet warm and cosy for years to come.

Keen to book? Find out more about the class in the link below.

Snuggle up, buttercups!
Hands On Brisbane

Hands On Brisbane