Classes on Sustainable Living in Melbourne

Because sustainable is the new black.

Creativity 8 min read Sep 25, 2019

It’s amazing how tweaking our way of living even just a little can make a grand and positive impact not just to our lives but to our planet as well. All it requires is a little bit of learning and a little bit of effort. To help you along, here are some great classes to inspire and provoke you to jumpstart a sustainable lifestyle and live out the ideals of a global citizen.

Kokedama Workshop on the Merri Creek (Put Your Heart Into It)

Bring a dose of green into your home with this beautiful hanging moss accent. In this workshop, you’ll learn the steps of making a Kokedama (which literally means moss ball in Japanese). You’ll also learn different tips on how to design your Kokedama and how to care for it after.

Where: Big Bang Studios
When: May 4th
Cost: $140 (Regular), $90 (Bring-a-Friend)

Other classes happening soon at PYHII:
Rainforest Terrarium Workshop

Healthy Productive Compost and Worms (Bulleen Art and Garden)

Composting is worth every effort and you’ll learn that it’s actually easy as pie. Whether you’re tying to cultivate your garden with some organic fertiliser or would like to help the environment by reducing your carbon footprint, there are all many great reasons to start composting today. This class will teach you how to make great compost that makes for a healthy garden, as well as helps the environment in the long run.

Where: Bulleen Art and Garden
When: June 3rd
Cost: $45 (Regular), $40 (Bring-a-Friend)

Other classes happening soon:
Natural Pest Control with Companion Planting
Attracting Native Birds and Wildlife with Amazing Plants

Introduction to Backyard Aquaponics with Robbie Kershaw (CERES)

Aquaponics is one the most productive and water efficient forms known in agriculture. This class will give you all the information necessary to get started at growing your own nutritious food by learning to design a simple aquaponic system in your own backyard. You will learn how to your grow your own fish to eat and produce delicious water efficient vegetables at the same time.

Where: CERES Honey Lane Market Garden
When: May 27th, November 18th
Cost: $120 (Regular), $105 (Bring-a-Friend)

Other classes happening soon:
Natural Dyeing with Ilka White

Beekeeping Workshop (Bee Sustainable)

Are you one of those brave souls who dare to mingle with the busy bees? If you’ve been keen to learn of the marvels within the hive and are ready to start at beekeeping, this class is the right place to be. To be a successful beekeeper, you must learn first about bees which is why this workshop introduction focuses on bee behaviour, as well as what makes a bee hive and how to construct it yourself. You will learn the different major aspects to managing a beehive.

Where: 500 Lygon Street
When: June 24th, July 22nd
Cost: $65 (Regular), $59 (Bring-a-Friend)

Safe Preserving Techniques: Bottled Fruit, Jams, Pickles & Relishes (My Green Garden)

If you want to put every bit of produce you have to good use, learning how to preserve your fruits and vegetables lets you enjoy them for months to come. This class will teach you how to safely make preserves, without using specialty items - just your own kitchen equipment. You will learn the techniques to preserving and the science involved behind them, and come home with four (4) jars of the preserves you made for the day.

Where: Home of My Green Garden
When: May 11th
Cost: $70 (Regular), $65 (Bring-a-Friend)

Botaniculture Terrarium Workshop with Horticulturist Mark Phillips (Belinda Janes Gifts)

Restore tranquility in your home by adding a little greenery in the form of a botaniculture terrarium. Terrariums are fun and easy to make, and even easier to maintain even for those who are green thumb deprived. In this class you will learn to make a miniature open-air tabletop garden from a trained horticulturist of 20+ years.

Where: Burwood Village
When: April 29th, May 13th
Cost: $50

Fermenting Workshop (The Art of Eating)

Even if your grandmother never passed you down a recipe for fermenting, you can still learn how to do it. This hands-on workshop will teach you how to basics of making home-made ferments, as well as how to use your favourite spices to make your very own kraut. It’s the perfect place to discover how easy fermenting actually can be.

Where: The Art of Eating HQ
When: April 30th
Cost: $90 (Regular), $78 (Bring-a-Friend)

Eco Printing & Natural Dyeing (Handmaker’s Factory)

Learn to produce batches of fabric with beautiful leaf prints by using a homegrown printing technique that involves bundling leaves in cloth and then steaming the bundles in a pot. You will learn to use a variety of everyday plants to print on fabrics and come away with a gorgeous eco-printed silk scarf, as well as everything you need to know to continue natural dyeing at home. Where: Handmaker’s Factory
When: May 14th, June 24th
Cost: $175 (Regular), $160 (Bring-a-Friend)

Other classes happening soon:
Make Your Own Lampshade

Cider Brewing from Scratch with Stefano Baggio (The Artisan’s Bottega)

Want to take your love for the cider to the next level? Getting started with brewing your own cider is easier than you think. Learn the science to this craft, the brewing process, as well as fundamental techniques to get you started in making your first delectable batch.

Where: The Artisan’s Bottega
When: July 13th
Cost: $129 (Regular), $169 (2-for-1)

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