Zoom Party Ideas Mum Will Love

Who says you and Mum can't spend quality time in a pandemic?

Creativity 8 min read Mar 24, 2021

We love our mums and hold them very dear to us. With Mother’s Day just a couple of days away, in these unusual times, we have to be more creative in finding ways to celebrate.

Here’s a few ideas on how to spend time with Mum on her special day, through the magic of Zoom!

Perfect for Foodie Moms

When it comes to cooking, mothers are the true rockstars. From Asian gourmet fare to fine wine, mums take the cake when it comes to whipping up fantastic spreads.

Explore your own culinary talents with your mum and learn how to make a simple, easy-to-do dish like handmade dumplings for the rest of the family. Vegan foodies can join in on the fun, as well!

Art Attack! Featuring Mum

Is she one of those cool, artsy mums who first taught their kids how to draw, paint, and appreciate art? Return the favour with a fun shared activity, wherein you can both learn to create beautiful imagery using painting or drawing!

If you’re both art noobs, no worries! There are easy, welcoming beginner art workshops to try and all you need to get started is your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. You can even create a flip cup masterpiece!

Online Movie Marathon

Movies are a great way to bond with family for all occasions, and Mother’s Day is no exception. Using an app like Rave or Netflix Party, you, mum, and the entire fam can share screens while you watch the latest flicks, and enjoy popcorn time in real time!

So head over to your comfy battle stations and get ready for some good ole’ movie marathon fun! Where’s the popcorn?

For the Craftiest Woman You Know

Don’t know about you but my mum wins Most Dexterous title hands down. She weaves, she sews, she cooks. She even dabbles in carpentry every so often.

If you mum’s as crafty as mine, why not gift her with a workshop, where she can make scented candles, melt and pour soap, or paper flowers? Or ceramics design or collage making might be more to her taste? Pick a craft and share an activity neither of you have tried before! 🙂

And Not to Forget Gran, Of Course

It’s Nana’s day, too! Her selfie skills need an upgrade? Take a smartphone photography class with her and guarantee picture-perfect shots the next time you’re (finally) together again. What better way to capture all the precious moments you’ve yet to share? At the very least, she’ll have some amazing photos on her Facebook or Insta feed. Or dare we way, on TikTok?

Find more Zoom classes to take with Mum, take your pick here!